Kara Walker at the Whitney


Too often I feel that too much of the art has little actual content at the Whitney, and that it is possible to leave a show with an unsatisfied feeling, but this is not at all true about the Kara Walker show titled: Kara Walker: My Complement, My Enemy, My Oppressor, My Love that will be there until February 3.

Her work assaults you with it’s creativity and with the harshness of the content. The materials are  fragile and simple: Black paper cutouts, drawings, films of shadow puppets and the content is the pre-civil war south, slavery and plantation life: racism, sexism, cruelty, the relationship of the oppressed and the oppresser.

She is our “witness” and story-teller. It’s a terrible story which we would like not to have to confront in all of it’s details.

Walker ’s black paper sillouettes on white background are in essence fine drawings and the exhibit is a great reminder of how a poweful message can be made with such simple materials.

Try not to miss this show…if you can’t get to the Whitney, view her work on line.

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