AF1 Flight with Fighter Jets Over Manhattan Was Gross Stupidity

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What insensitivity, ignorance, complete stupidity and incompetence was demonstrated by the federal government in yesterday’s fly-over lower Manhattan by Air Force One and 2 fighter jets. If you missed this, it caused upset and even panic in the  towers of lower Manhattan and in near-by New Jersey as office workers fled their offices, assuming that another attack was under way. The reason given for this  insensitive stupidity was that it was an Photo-op for a shot of AF1 and the Statue of Liberty.

Did you notice that the people in the towers did not wait for “instructions” but fled on their own after seeing/hearing/feeling the effect of the low-flying jet? This area has been hit repeatedly by terrorists- not just once on 9/11, and the people feel that it is up to themselves to get out in order to be protected..that should be clear. Also, it s important to understand that Manhattan air traffic NEVER includes such low-flying aircraft which rattle the windows  of tall towers and rattles nerves.

What disdain the Federal government demonstrated when they said that the public was not informed for security reasons.

I know, this happened yesterday and it is “over”.

The Government apologized. The Mayor spoke out for the City saying that he was not informed, pretty remarkable if so, and that he was furious.

OK,  OK, but to tell you the truth:

Apology Not Really Totally Accepted. Along with an apology, the people in the agency who planned and approved this stupid stunt should come to lower Manhattan for a visit and some sensitivity training. Start by speaking to the people in the area that have experienced 2 attacks.

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