List of Photos

Museum of Art and Design, by Helene Binet, courtesy of the museum

Sarah Palin in Bikini with Rifle  (photographers/photoshopper unknown)

Photo by Ricki Lulov

Visas for Life, Bill Bingham and Boys

Bubbe’s Candlesticks Restored


Photos by Jeff French Segall

Chateau Lafayette Reneau Winery on Lake Seneca

Watkins Glen State Park

Lake Seneca Marina

Remains of a Central Park tree knocked down by Microburst windstorm On August 18 2009

Tree Branches Awaiting Removal in Central Park

Street Tree Branches Awaiting Removal

Sunrise April 8, 2009 Blessing of the Sun

Full Moon Passover 2009

Valmadonna Trust Libarary Exhibit: Open Haggaddah, Jack Lunzer and Daughter,  Samaritan Torah, and Open Book

West Side Food Pantry Shelves

535 West End Avenue Under Construction

Balloon Sellers (at the Parade Balloon Inflation)

Horton the Balloon Waiting to Fly

On Tour at the Martin Guitar Factory

Worker at the Martin Guitar Factory

The Actor´s Temple at Night

Loretta Ables Sayre, Bloody Mary of South Pacific

Ellis Island

The Statue of Liberty

535 West End Avenue site

Iraqi War Protesters in Verdi Square

Children’s Circle in the Schoolyard Snow

Limmud Banner with Three Attendees

Alicia Svigals at Limmud

NYPD Rooftop Arrest

Bear(?)Tracks in the Snow

Grandma the Clown and a Grandma

Moon Over Manhattan

Rochelle Saidel at HUC

Twisted Sisiter at the FillmoreNY


Photo by Daniel C.Miller

Jock Soto


Photo by Hubert J Steed

The Charles Street Synagogue


Photo of Bronia Brandman, Rochelle Saidel, Melanie Williams and Emilie Miller courtesy of the Red Fern Theatre

Courtesy of the Red Fern Theatre

Photo of Red Tail Hawk on Shepard Hall of CCNY

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