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Tea at the Mandarin Oriental Lobby Lounge=Poor Service

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With so many wonderful places in New York City to have Tea with friends, I would recommend skipping the Mandarin Oriental Lobby Lounge in the Time-Warner building at Columbus Circle. We received dreadful service, they did not prepare correctly for our reservation, and the sandwiches were on the verge of being dried out. Go anywhere else.

New York has places with so much more warmth, character and lovely views than this disappointing spot.  The 35th floor view of Central Park does not make up for their poor service. Our host arranged well in advance for a table at the window for 9, when we arrived, it was set for 7 and could not be expanded. We stood and waited (at least a half hour, until we asked to sit while waiting) , while they put together a space for us. The manager and hostess were not in any way accommodating and the busy staff had no idea what to do. 

Instead of being welcomed guests we were “in the way”…

Considering that Tea service is $38 per person, this proves that they have no idea that their real business is hospitality. Just ridiculous.

We are adaptable New Yorkers so it takes much more than just stupid rudeness to stop us from having a good time–We had an excellent time in each other’s company,  enjoyed the lovely snow over the park,  and we will have an afternoon Tea together again,  though we will not be back to the Mandarin Oriental.

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