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535 West End Avenue Photo and Update


535 West End Avenue

Many have seen the lovely artist’s rendering of 535 West End avenue as it appears in many ads and asked about a photo, so here it is: a photo of the actual construction site taken on March 19, 2008, which was a gray and very rainy day.

Notice the sign which says “21st Century Pre-War Residences”?  in New York’s housing market, “pre-war” usually means it was built before World War II, but clearly the builders of 535 West End mean to say something else by using this phrase.  Notice the people with umbrellas and peace signs? These are West Siders assembling for a silent solemn march to protest and mark the fifth anniversary of the war in Iraq. Makes one wonder what the builders know about wars…hmmm…

(See posting of January 17, 2008 for more about this building)

The protesters walked silently down Broadway from 86th Street and a few hundred protesters assembled at Verdi Square, at Broadway between 72nd and 73rd Street. It is a small triangular slip of a “square” and has a Carrara marble monument to the composer Verdi with his characters Falstaff, Leonora of La Forza del Destino, Aida, and Otello, some trees and bushes, and a long subway entrance structure.  Evening subway commuters arriving home in the rain, rushed past on their way home through the large crowd.

It was a silent, older and peaceful group, and the statue of Verdi was not toppled, of course. The great composer’s beautiful foray into the Middle East was some time ago and still sometimes features elephants but never trains.Verdi Square Protest

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