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Aviva, My Love; Souvenirs; I Got No Jeep and My Camel Died


Aviva, My Love, is beautifully written and directed by Shemi Zarhin. Against all the odds of a hard-working life: financial problems, a maddeningly demanding family, gender prejudice, Aviva is an aspiring author of poetic story. The interaction between her personal reality and her story writing very skillfully brings to mind the interaction of the love affair and the war in Hiroshima, My Love.

Three generations of women are depicted, each with a distinct set of expectaions and coping skills which reflect their changed status in society over time. The film is engrossing and entertaining and will be shown in NYC again in March.


I Got No Jeep and My Camel Died  and Souvenirs, are both documentary road-trip films with father-and-son relationship themes but are they feel extremely different.

 I Got No Jeep and My Camel Died  is a desert road-trip, with jeeps and camels, and a stop in Brazil(!). It is the personal musical journey of Yair Dalal filled with absolutely splendid music. Yair Dalal is a World Music star and you can hear his music on his site.

Souvenirs an entertaining and moving  father and son road-trip film about  truth and memory. Travel starts in Israel, through Italy, and Germany to Holland and takes us through 60 years of a father’s stories to the source of his experience. The end is wonderful.

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