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Missed Appointments

Lily's notes

Late last week, a vibrant friend suddenly passed away due to  illness. Hundreds of people gathered at the funeral home the morning after her death and she was movingly eulogized by her daughters and friends. So very sad, and it was remarkably comforting to experience the respect and honor shown to her and to her family.

Monday morning, three days later, when I arrived at a doctor’s office for a scheduled appointment,  there on the list of patients to be seen just after my appointment was my friend’s name! I did not know that we both were both patients of this doctor and I was shocked to see her name on the list of people expected to show up, hopefully on time, to see the podiatrist.

That evening, we went to her home for a Shiva visit. Her lovely home was full of friends offering comfort to her family. A short evening service was held in her living room. Her daughters, supported by their husbands, said Kaddish. Her closest, long-term friend, told me that they had theatre tickets for the past weekend, and how she missed her company.

A life ended in mid-step or mid-sentence, with many missed appointments.