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Alice Tully Hall and Julliard Composers

Concert, Lily's notes

We walked over to the spectacularly newly rebuilt Alice Tully Hall in Lincoln Center at Broadway and 65th St. The new construction is part of the extensive renovation of Lincoln Center and this part of the renovation has created:  a beautiful new facade of triangles of glass and metal, a just-below-street level cafe called at65 Cafe, an appealing and welcoming entryway for Alice Tully Hall, which previously did not have an entrance lobby to speak of, and additional space for the Julliard School. They did a splendid job in this renovation!

We slipped into the Starr Theatre at Alice Tully Hall and enjoyed a free concert of new music which was  composed and performed by Julliard students. Free student concerts happen often-check their schedule. This is a pleasant hall and has new lovely wood interior, and wood is always lovely for music. Impressive job of renovation.

Later, we sat in the new, at65Cafe, (which serves drinks and desserts and a few other items), and thoroughly enjoyed the view of the surrounding buildings and busy streets. As you look out onto the street, the bars sparkling colored liquor bottles are reflected in the glass which makes it appear  that there is a a glimmering bar on the sidewalk.

This new Alice Tully renovation is terrific addition to Lincoln Center and a stunning gift for us New Yorkers.


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