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Twisted Sister at the FillmoreNY

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Twisted at FillmoreNYLast night’s appearance of Twisted Sister at the FillmoreNY was a fantastic party for their fans and for the band. Twisted heavy metal waves of love went from the band to the audience and the audience did the same back. The audience was a spectrum of ages and types. The moshers moshed to Twisted’s Christmas songs like their heavy metal Come All Ye Faithful. Really hilarious and wonderful!

They were called back for more, of course and gave their fans several more songs, the most fun was My Heavy Metal Christmas to the melody of the Twelve days of Christmas. They held up hand-made signs with the new heavy metal lyrics and the fans sang along in complete enjoyment. It was really fun.

Dee said at the beginning of the set, that unlike certain bands that only complain about life they were into having a  a good time and enjoying life. They completely proved that. They played their Christmas  songs and also did many old favorites like, The Price , We’re Not Gonna Take It, and You can’t Stop Rock and Roll. They wished everyone Merry Christmas, Happy Hanuka and even a Happy Kwanza…and ended O Come Let Us with the line “Jesus was a Jew”. Outside of NYC that can be controvertial. It was a sick MF Christmas show.

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