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Julie & Julia: See It Only for Meryl Streep’s Fine Performance


I did not like Julie & Julia at all,  the Julie segments felt completely contrived and especially  false.

The only highlight is Meryl Streep’s wonderful performance as Julia Child. I remember watching Julia Child on TV, she was intelligent, very capable, funny, large, open, adorable, and so very unique a public woman for the times. There was no one else in media even remotely like her. She was a one of a kind, lovely, unusual woman.

Meryl Streep captures this with delight.  It is wonderful to have this unique woman of substance remembered and depicted for a new audience.

But the modern segments of the story about Julie Powell are just awful.

I do not believe that Julie Powell cooked the dishes she wrote about.  I think that her cooking blog was a novel which was serialized in 365 parts in the old tradition of newpapers printing novels in segments over time. That is fine, but it is necessary to say so.

As a woman who loves to cook, has a family, works, lives in New York City, has owned the Mastering the Art of French Cooking for many years, blogs, I can assure you , without any doubt that there is no time to work full time, ride the train to and from work, relate to your family and friends and do the specialty shopping and then cook these demanding dishes, and then write about it, every day, for an entire year.

It made me squirm to have this very, very  light novel of  no substance, intertwined with a real person’s life. Dropping an aspic (so sad, boo-hoo) does not equate with having one’s spouse  questioned by the government during the McCarthy era.

The phone never rings when Julie is cooking  or they are at home eating.

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