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Tagged in a “Meme”, a game of Holiday Bloggers Tag


I have been tagged by Rebecca Wallace-Segall of WritopiaLab in a “meme” which is a game of Bloggers Tag. Additional details of this game and it’s tagging history can be found on Rebecca’s entry on the WritopiaLab’s blog. Rebecca, thank you for the tag.

The question posed in game is: Who are the teachers who have most personally influenced you and how?” 

1) My Aunt Sarah. My Dad had many sisters and Sarah was the one most like him. They were immigrants: toughened by harder lives, extremely capable of doing many extaordinary things, very funny since humor is the best defense, warm and best of all, good teachers and  very supportative. When I was only 5 years old, Aunt Sarah taught me how to crochet, knit, and cut fabric with a large sharp scissors. This is not so easy for a young child with small hands but today young children seem not to be allowed to even consider touching tools, much less sharp ones. She just said that I should “do it!” and I did.  Aunt Sarah told me that I have “golden hands” and could make anything I want to. This pronouncement was a  spectacular gift of encouragement which I have used for my lifetime.

When my Dad wanted to turn a porch in our summer home into a room, he called Aunt Sarah.In a weekend together they framed the porch in wood, added windows, laid a new tile floor, made seating benches and upholstered them. A case of four “golden hands”  working together. They joked and laughed as they worked. Clearly a woman could do anything she wanted to do, …another  great lesson and a gift.

2) My friend Rochelle Saidel. Rochelle uses all of her talents and education  in complete dedication to her work. She is an example of an ideal of focus and determination, which I would would like to emulate and attain.

I tag:

Rochelle G. Saidel  of  Remember the Women Institute

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