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New York City Seasonal Street Arts


This is not a “one-tree” town. The streets, atria, plazas and window displays are full of holiday decorations, and the Salvation Army is still ringing bells in the street even though they have received a huge bequest and wouldn’t seem to need to do this type of collecting any longer.

Some decorations are lovely, others like Bergdorf’s windows are so over-the-top that they are thrilling to look at and are hilarious! It looks as though a very creative crew raided a fabric trimmings shop and lost their minds building exotic animals out of upholstery findings. Really creatively funny. Must have been challenging and fun to build. Bloomies and Lord& Taylor have mechanized displays which are essentially made up of dolls and props.

There are large menorahs placed at several locations but I saw the best menorah of the season at a local hardware store on Columbus Avenue. A Hanukah menorah made of brass plumbing parts is squeezed into the dusty, crowded window along with the usual out-of-season Air Conditioners, appliances and paint supplies. The sign  underneath the menorah says “100% Brass menorah, one of a kind, $129. OK, don’t buy me, I’ll sit in the dark”.

The Great Snowflake , sponsored by UNICEF, hanging over 57th Street and 5th is gorgeous and soon will have real snow for company. I wonder if all of the snow that falls on the street this week would add up to the weight of  that Great Snowflake.

The doll-lover/collagist in me really enjoys all of this pizzaz. Only the decorated trees in windows, lobbies and shops are often disappointing, often overly decorated with no “treeness” left to be seen.

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