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Gimpel Tam (Gimpel the Fool) Folksbiene National Theatre

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Gimpel Tam (Gimpel the Fool) by Nobel Prize for Literature winner, Isaac Bashevis Singer is being performed by the Folksbiene Theatre through December 28, 2008 and you would be quite smart not to miss it. This is a new production written and directed by Moshe Yassur.

Do not pass up a chance to see the work of the very beloved writer I.B.Singer, which is produced so well, and in his native language, and performed on the Upper West Side where he lived and fed the pigeons on Broadway for so many years. Take along a few friends…talk over tea on Broadway afterwards. Perhaps you will attract a few of IB Singer´s more social dybbuks to join you.

Gimpel Tam asks us to question what is truth, what is reality, and to examine our ideas about good and evil.  This moving production is well staged, an entertaining and is a funny klezmer musical in Yiddish with English and Russian supertitles. Please go to the theatre´s site for many more details.

I saw this with five friends, including an UWS therapist who said that ¨Gimpel received love, but perhaps not enough from his mother, and that we see the story as through his eyes, that is, as if  everyone in town was against him¨ …oh, oh, oh…and just when you thought that you ¨got it¨.

I.B. Singer´s story of Gimpel Tam challenges the fool in all of us and in ordinary society.

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