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“Fugitive Pieces” opens in New York


Last night we saw a preview screening of Fugutive Pieces, the Canadian film by Jeremy Podeswa,  which is based on the award winning novel by Anne Michaels. It open tommorrow, May 2, 2008,  at the Lincoln Plaza Cinema (Broadway and 62ndst).

Even though novelized versions of Holocaust stories always give me pause, since the telling of true stories of actual survivors are so moving and shocking and much more important to remember, I still found that this film of survival, the blessed actions of decent people, the effect of memory and loss, and intimacy was extremely moving, poetic and very worthwhile. 

The cast is wonderful and much of the film is shot in beautiful locations Greece, and in claustophobic apartment interiors. Good metaphor for the main character’s exterior and interior life.

Go see the film.

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