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NOT a New York City Jewish Deli

Restaurant review

Authentic New York City delis are now hard to find. Once there were so many of them that we could take them for granted. So here is a little list to help you know for sure when you are about to eat in a fake:

the menu lists a selection of “Reubens”

the menu lists a selection of cheese burgers

the daily specials are meat with melted cheese and fries. Clearly, you are in an American fast food restaurant, not a Jewish deli.

There are Borsht belt type jokes about Jews on the menu

We ate in such a place called Artie’s Delicatessen on Broadway and 83rd St, last night. Please try this kind of food somewhere else. The “Israeli Salad” was large chunks of tomato and cucumber  with dill and vinegar.  Edible, but not an Israeli Salad which is finely minced cucumber, tomato, onions or chives, herbs and lemon juice. The kasha was mostly giant farfalle with some kasha, missing  onions and mushrooms and it was a bit too greasy, the chicken was overdone and not tender, with no particular flavor. In the past we have been served  flavorless pastrami and bland corned beef,  so we skipped those this time.

The night we had bland meat, we saw a bus-load of German tourists drive up to Artie’s for dinner. I wonder what they thought about it.

Please go to the Second Avenue Deli instead, click and compare the menu. That’s a deli.  Glad they have re-opened and I wish them good luck in their new location.

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