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South Pacific at the Beaumont Theatre in Lincoln Center


Loretta Ables SayreThis is such a thoroughly beautiful and enjoyable production of South Pacific and it deserves all of the wonderful reviews it has received. This is a great musical done superbly.

We saw this last night and we woke up still singing the wonderful score. This photo of Loretta Ables Sayre, terrific as Bloody Mary, was taken outside after the performance.

If you are not in New York, I would urge you to come to New York City just for this show. They have just extended the run “indefinitely”. See it very soon, before the production gets “old”. There are many reviews available on line. This is the link to the New York Times Review. Buy your tickets from the Beaumont Theatre box office in person or on line.

The Lincoln Center Plazas and the Julliard Building are all surrounded by “work sheds” during  the current extensive renovation, so access to the Beaumont Theatre  is through a makeshift, well lit path between construction.  

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