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The Catskill Region, The Daks and Monroe, NY, Visiting Your NY Real Estate

Lily's notes

Perhaps a bit too much relaxation and extra oxygen confused the writers and editors of the NY TImes Escape section. This morning’s article about meditating while on a day-trip to Monroe, NY is a great example of myopic vision by a new York City based writer.  Perhaps they thought that since Monroe is north of the city it must be the Catskills, amazing they did not think it was in Westchester County. How does something as incorrect as this get printed? Monroe is about 54 miles north of New York City the Catskills are about 2 hours north of the city.

The Times article puts Orange County NY, the home of Monroe, in the Catskills Region. The great and beautiful Catskill Region consists of Sullivan, Greene, Ulster and Delaware Counties.  If you have not visited the Catskills or the Daks (Adirondaks) which are much farther north, and are spectacular, you should research them and plan a trip.

The region the writer visited is called the Hudson Valley or sometimes the Hudson Highlands.  There is  a great deal to do and see in this area which is quite close to the city and very worthy of more than just a day-trip. If we stay awake instead of letting our minds go to mush, we can enjoy the landscape and sites.

It was the home and inspiration of the Hudson River School of painting and  is now home to the Storm King Art Center, Sugar Loaf, West Point, Bear Mountain, Woodbury Commons Outlet Mall, Harriman State Park, lovely organic farms, boat trips on the Hudson etc, etc, etc.

The vast majority of of New York State is made up of mountains, wilderness and small towns, then add in the the (really) upstate lakes such as Lake George, Schroon Lake,  Saranac, etc, and world class beaches of Long Island, the great lakes and Niagara and you have a tremendous variety and beauty close to home. Ok, you are correct, the Niagara region is a long drive and not so close to the city.

Real New Yorkers should venture outside of the city and visit our beautiful state.  The The NYState’s site, I Love NY State,  is an excellent source of information. 

If you look carefully at your tax return, you may notice that even though you live in NYC, you pay NY State taxes as well.  So, you have paid for many of the parks and sites, perhaps it is time to go visit your truly gorgeous real estate.

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