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A Thousand Years of Good Prayers


Just before Rosh Hashana, the Jewish New Year ( it is now 5769 for those of you who are counting), we saw A thousand Years of Good Prayers, a wonderful Wayne Wang film based on the book of stories about China and the US by Yihun Li.

It is a story about relationships: communication,  truth, silence and healing.

The story very moving, it is shot delicately and the cast is excellent. Put this on your list of “must see” films.

A  man travels from his home in China to America to visit his daughter after her recent divorce. His trip starts off as a mission to comfort her and give her support through a difficult time, although their personal history has been marked by distance.

The quality and types of communication by all of the characters makes this story so poignant. I would write more but I do not want to spoil one single moment of this story.

 It is currently at the Lincoln Plaza Cinema on Broadway and 62nd St. The NY Film Festival rightfully attracts so much attention, but I would urge you not to miss this film.

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