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On West 4th Street: Future history written now

Lily's notes

Rochelle Saidel with Gemma's GrandchildrenOn Wednesday night at HUC on W 4th Street, Dr. Rochelle  Saidel of Remember The Women Institute, spoke about Gemma La Guardia Gluck and presented a slide show. This was an excellent presentation by a true scholar and a warm person. Rochelle spoke about Gemma’s moving and engrossing story in particular, and furthering the inclusion of women in history, and the question of including women’s personal stories. Gemma’s story begins in NYC, includes the “wild west”, Europe and America before WWII, internment by the Nazis as a hostage in a concentration camp, survival and Gemma’s return to NYC. Very moving.

The photo is Rochelle at the HUC exhibit with Gemma’s grandchildren.

Afterwards, we crossed the street and went to Dojo’s Restaurant, ringed in sparkly seasonal decorations, and it was filled wall-to-wall with very, very young NYU students, at least 85% of whom were women. The future history of tomorrow.

It brought to mind what my very beloved 14 year old niece said about the coming presidential election: I wish I could vote for Hillary. It would mean so much to have a woman elected President. It represents the limitless possibilty of the future to her.

It is important to be reminded of how important and influential role models are, and of how much these role models are needed.  We need the role models of the past and of the present.

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